This wasn’t my first mod, but up to this point, it is definitely my favorite.  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Deployzooka:

In all her glory.

In all her glory.

The concept is simple: I stuck an awesome blaster (the Buzz Bee Extreme Blastzooka) in a not so awesome blaster (the Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6).  The end result is, well…


Not to overly simplify the process or trick you into thinking that it’s something you can do in a spare 20 minutes, but there are three main stages to this project:

  1. Disassemble/Prep your XBZ with PVC/CPVC
  2. Disassemble your Deploy and gut it completely
  3. Using a Dremel (or similar tool), modify the body of the Deploy to fit the XBZ

There are plenty of finer details in there along the way but those are the key elements you should plan on if you were to try something like this.

The barrel uses a really neat “Lazy Man’s” Slide breech I came up with (or at least I haven’t seen anyone else use) that is extremely simple to use. You twist the barrel out of the coupler:

Barrel pulled all the way forward

Barrel pulled all the way forward

It is stopped by the front end of the Deploy shell.  Then you just slide your Stefan, or elite, or koosh, etc into the barrel…


Then push the barrel back into the coupler, pump and shoot again.  It’s fool proof, cheap, simple, and easy which is exactly why I love it.  The nice thing about the 1/2″ CPVC barrel is that the outer diameter fits the rockets that come with the XBZ as well as the rockets that come with the Demolisher so you can shoot all sorts of ammo.  I’m sure with a few rings of tape around the end of the barrel it could even be outfitted to shoot megas (citation needed).

All in all, I love this blaster.  I never used to touch my Deploy but after throwing the XBZ in there, this is typically my go-to when I am just messing around at home.  WARNING! Using this indoors with Stefans will destroy things.  Using this with elites with more than just a few pumps will more than likely blow some holes in the sides of the darts.


Edit: HUGE shout out to Kensie McElfresh for introducing me to the XBZ with this great video here:


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