Nerf Mega CycloneShock Review

For the inaugural review on Nerf in the Northeast, I debated and debated on which blaster should have the honor.  There are flywheels and springers, one hand primers and pumps, but the one blaster that my wife and I BOTH race to grab first whenever we battle around the apartment is the blaster immediately to my right as I type this, in the top drawer:

The pistol drawer (one of many).

The pistol drawer (one of many).

The Nerf Mega CycloneShock.  (I’m going to attempt to set a precedent on how I’d like these reviews to pan out but we’ll see.  If the viewers like it, then the review layout will remain, if not, then I shall reassess!)

The three sections:

  1. Out of the box fun
  2. Out of the box battle readiness
  3. Mod-ability

Section 1: Out of the box fun

Whether you like the Mega line or not, this blaster is great.  It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a “competitive” player or you just like to shoot around the house with your family and/or friends.  As soon as you remove the CycloneShock from the packaging and hold in your meat hunks (that’s moon for hands) you can feel a difference.

Mandatory Borderlands Reference

Mandatory Borderlands Reference

The grip is comfortable, the prime is smooth and not overly long (i.e. centurion, magnus) and there is a definitive vibration through the blaster when you fire it that just makes it feel even more rewarding.  There is also a simple pleasure in shooting larger caliber ammo for some reason unexplainable by science.  The mega darts are fairly accurate, whistle pretty decently, and are a lot easier to find than the smaller elite darts.  As I mentioned earlier, my wife and I always race to the CycloneShock when we have our home battles because it’s just so much fun.



We have all the Megas; Centurion, Magnus, Thunderbow, BigShock, but the CycloneShock is our #1 choice.  It holds 6 Mega darts, is easy to reload, and isn’t big or bulky.  It’s just a great all around blaster right out of the box hence the reason I have a second coming from Amazon so the Mrs. and I can both have our own.

Conclusion: super

Section 2: Battle Readiness

This section is a little more difficult to discern because Megas aren’t widely used in Nerf battles (yet) but the CycloneShock could be the first to usher in a new era where Megas are a viable option.  With only a 6 dart ammo capacity, the CycloneShock is not considered a primary but it’s power, ease of use, front re-loading, and (relative to other Megas) compact size makes it worthy of taking into battle.  If Nerf can create a REAL primary Mega blaster (no, the Rotofury doesn’t quite cut it) that is reliable, then don’t be surprised to start seeing more Mega darts out on the battlefield.



Is it ready for battle?

Section 3: Mod-ability

After scouring the internet for literally minutes, I was able to find TONS of mod videos and guides.  I read a few guides and watched a few videos and wow.  As awesome as this blaster already is, there is a lot of room to make it even more powerful.  So if you are modder, check out all the usual channels.  I don’t know if they’d be upset at me for bumping their videos/guides so I won’t include any links, just google “nerf cyclone shock mod” and sift through the 29,900 results for what you are looking for.

Conclusion: results


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